Emergency Mobile Soup Kitchen Repair

🛑 Can you help? The bus broke down 🚐 We need to get the Mobile Soup Kitchen back on the road.

On Saturday August 6th, 2022 the Mobile Soup Kitchen bus broke down. However, even though our team arrived late an extra large crowd was WAITING FOR HEARTS. Over 50 people were fed and were appreciative the team made it after getting a ride with the food and calling for a tow truck.

Now about one week later volunteers are still using their personal vehicles to feed those in need so that a single evening is missed, we thank God for their support.

We need your help to get the Mobile Soup Kitchen bus back on the road. The vehicle needs a replacement motor as we were advised by several mechanics not to repair it.

Maybe you have never donated financially before? A donation of even $10 is going to help us reach the goal of this emergency need.

If you are a donor, thank you! Would you consider an additional donation of even just $10 to this emergency need?

By donating you can help make sure the bus serves thousands of meals long into the future. No donation is too small.

This is a costly repair but one that is required to put the bus back in service. After much consideration we feel it is best to repair the bus that we know and have outfitted just a few years ago.

Join us in prayer over this situation and the lives that are touched through the Mobile Soup Kitchen.